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Freelance Writing Jobs From Home: Pros And Cons

Everyone wants to be his or her own boss hence the thought of doing their jobs from home. In the writing industry, freelance writing jobs online are very common. There are quite a number of benefits of working this way. However, there may be one or two challenges but can be managed with the proper knowledge and skills. So, what are basic pros and cons of a freelance writing job from home? Here are some of the things from freelance writing agency Writingjobz.com to know about.


  1. You determine your pay – you can work as much as you want. Your freelance writing salary entirely depends on you and doesn’t have to be the same always. You can determine what you want to earn each and every month.
  2. Work when you feel like – you will not be coerced by anyone to do things you don’t like. In that case, you will pick freelance writing work that interests you. Therefore, you will be sure to complete any job that you will take on.
  3. Can work from anywhere – you don’t have to report to a specific work station. This means you could even work far away in a holiday destination. This way, you will be able to work as you attend to other important things elsewhere. You can choose to be anywhere you want from time to time and still be working.
  4. You choose what you want to do – the choice of writing job that you want to do at a specific time is entirely dependent on you. Freelance writing for college students are always available but you got to choose what you are capable of doing at that particular time. No one will force you to take work that you cannot do to deliver in a high quality and timely fashion.
  5. Ability to choose when to work – freelance writing for beginnings can be quite involving at the first but as you become an expert, you tend to relax a bit. When your writing skills get to professional levels, you do little for huge pay. In that case, you can choose to break away from work once you have done enough for the day or month.


  1. You get paid for what you work for – if you don’t work, you don’t earn anything unlike on a permanent office job where you could still earn while on leave. Therefore, everything that comes to your pocket is basically what you will have worked for unless you invest your earnings elsewhere. Therefore, you need to put the money somewhere to accrue earnings to cover up for days you will not be able to work.
  2. Payment concerns – at some point, you may be worried about how you will get paid. However, you can avoid such concerns by working with a known-third party to help you engage in safe transactions.

There are various pros and cons of doing freelance writing jobs from home but there are more benefits than disadvantages. Feel free to search for these jobs and earn a living.

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