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Writing skills

Be able to explain something in simple words. Some topics are tough for a general audience but you’ll need to bring them to the masses. This will allow you to expand your knowledge, becoming a true erudite.

About Me

Ah, the freshman year of college. Perhaps the hardest year of college for me, despite the subjects being far less complex than the current year of college I am in. Do you want to know the reason for this? Well, read my blog posts and this will become all too clear!

But if you want a shorter explanation for this, then, well, the truth is that the jump from high school to college is a great leap for many students. The techniques that you needed for success in high school are simply redundant at college, or very ineffective.

However, another major problem in college is that the learning environment is very fast paced. This means that you do not get adequate time to learn the new techniques properly, as the work piles up quickly. You either fall behind and lose marks, or try your best without learning the new techniques needed for success.

This is exactly where my blog comes in. I too struggled with this extraordinary change from high school to college, however spent days and nights trying to figure out how to tackle the behemoth that is college. Thankfully for you, I have put in the sleepless nights to acquire these techniques, and have now decided to share this knowledge with everyone. You won’t need to spend those sleepless nights trying to figure out college.

I regularly update this blog, and make sure to check out the archive for older posts, that include some vital tips for students.

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