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Hi, I'm Mary and I'm a freelance writer. I hopw my blog will come in handy for all those who want to try it or just want to develop writing skills.

Freelance Writing - One of the Best Freelance Jobs Online

Working remotely is the only chance for some people, who either don’t have an opportunity to go somewhere daily or just don't want to, to have a job. There are plenty of freelance jobs online for various spheres. One of these jobs is freelance writing, which can bring you both personal and professional growth, and a decent income.

Benefits of Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

I’ve been working as a freelancer for quite a while now and I realized how many benefits this path brings you. Here are some of them:

  • Constant learning and education.
  • This is the best part; you get to learn new things writing on different topics. They can vary anywhere from medical supplies to the political situation in Uganda. You’ll always have something to say in a conversation.

  • Mastering the written word.
  • After a while, you’ll be able to boast extraordinary writing skills. The more you write daily, the better you become.

  • Many options and job opportunities.
  • The market is always full of options. You can choose different conditions, like working on projects, working full-time, working from home, etc. Project work and part-time online science writing jobs for students are a good way to earn some money in college.

A great advantage of freelance writing is that no experience is required to start making money. This makes it an amazing option for students, and there are indeed many online jobs for college students available on the Web.

Great-Paying Online Jobs for College Students: Choosing Your Writing Niche

If you take a look at jobs for writers, you’ll see how many different projects and tasks there are. Your success in the field would depend on how well you choose your niche. You have to distinguish among many ‘writers needed’ posts to find something that you like and that would pay you enough.

  • Long and detailed analytical blogging.
  • If you check the blogosphere, you’ll notice how those long reads are getting more and more attention. They are usually about $200 or more for a piece.

  • Medical writing.
  • If you are a freelance medical writer, you can find a job for yourself easy enough. This topic remains hot and needed, so thoughtful publications will earn you a decent amount.

  • Technical writing on narrow topics.
  • There are also many options for a technical writer. Jobs for them would include writing detailed and specific content on narrow topics for websites. If you’re good at your sphere, it would be an easy income.

  • E-mail marketing projects.
  • E-mail marketing is still alive and booming, so writing e-mails and drafting lists of leads and clients could be an interesting job for you. Check out some newsletters coming into your inbox to see how it’s done.

  • Materials for e-learning.
  • This is a relatively new niche, but it’s getting so much attention. It also can be an amazing option for you, as you get to study something too.

  • Case studies.
  • Just as with e-learning, working on case studies can be extremely beneficial for your future too. Big businesses can pay $1,000, or even more, for a quality case study.

There are also some things you must learn before you can start earning money. Of course, each niche would ask for some precise knowledge of the subject, but some general common-sense skills are required to be a freelance writer.

Those skills are a must to become a good writer. Precise knowledge of a subject is not requested for every job there is, but some ask for deep understanding. That knowledge might come from your previous position. If you have a higher education, you also have a higher chance of finding a high-paying writing job.

Opportunities of Academic Jobs Online for Scientists and Scholars

There are many high-paying freelance writing jobs online for people who have higher education qualifications, such as Ph.D., M.B, etc. They will allow you to write on narrow and specific topics, all you need is to find a good place for yourself. Many people I know quit universities to work remotely from home. If you don’t want to try a full-time version, you can work part-time as a freelancer and compare.

There are many reasons why freelance writing can be an amazing job for you. You get to improve yourself as a person and as a professional. Remember that you can find options for both people with no work experience, and for those who have multiple degrees and a vast list of positions on their resume.

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Writing skills

Be able to explain something in simple words. Some topics are tough for a general audience but you’ll need to bring them to the masses. This will allow you to expand your knowledge, becoming a true erudite.

Skills Necessary To Get A Freelance Writing Jobs


You should be able to manage your time, to use it to the fullest. You also have to be deadline-friendly for these kinds of jobs.

Writing techniques

Without these you won’t find yourself a good paying job. You have to be able to apply these techniques to different projects.

Be able to handle criticism

You’ll get some of your articles back with comments and various demands for changes. You need to be able to accept that something is wrong with your paper.

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